Entire East Coast Loses Its ‘Country Breakfast’ Over All-Star Game Boos

Robinson Canó said he’d pick a Kansas City Royal for the Home Run Derby. He didn’t. Kansas City Royals fans repaid him in Bronx cheers.

But somehow it’s the Royals fans who become the ungracious hosts? Despite what the East Coast media’s saying, I think @Clintonde is dead-on:

That sports hosts and columnists don’t get the cold justice of this reaction is beyond me.

Or maybe it’s too predictable — they’re just trying to sell papers or ad time back on the East Coast.

They sell them with the notion that Kansas City is one of those somewhere-out-in-the-corn, flyover-country towns populated by more pigs than people; vastly different from an East Coast burgh where such vitriol would be expectedIt seems like everyone who’s writing and talking about this assumes Midwestern fans of an also-ran team are supposed to be compliant and content to happily cheer on everyone else, even after finding out Canó’s promise to include a hometown player was an empty one.

I tweeted angrily when Karl Ravech said something along these lines. “You wouldn’t expect this kind of reception out here in the heartland,” I think he said on the ESPN broadcast after Kauffman fans roared their approval of Canó’s Derby flop. Easy to say for a Bristol, Connecticut, man who’s never lived outside New England or the Mid-Atlantic.

If I sound like an indignant midwesterner, that’s because I am. If this sounds like it’s devolved into an East Coast bias rant, that’s because it has.

But what is this other than East Coast bias?

I mean, would Billy Butler willingly bring his family to The Bronx after leaving a Yankee out of a hypothetical Home Run Derby? Even if Butler would bring them, I’d bet MLB would step in and correct his Derby lineup before he brought his mother to Yankee Stadium and had her get “yelled at” by Pinstriped fans like Canó’s mother was in KC. What treatment should Butler expect there? Wouldn’t fans in New York City would do worse than “yell”? I don’t know, but I wouldn’t want my mother there to see it.

I’m not saying Canó’s out of line for defending his family. KC fans who targeted the family can’t be excused. That’s low.

But Canó — who’s had a tin ear for the whole affair — plays a role here too. What if this situation had played out not with Billy Butler in Kansas City, but with, say, David Ortiz at a hypothetical Boston ASG? I wouldn’t bring my family into that lions’ den if I were Canó. And I would probably just put Papi in the lineup. Like I would’ve thrown KC fans a bone too.

Boils down to this for me: Canó lied and now Kansas City fans are out of line? Sounds like East Coast logic to me.


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