The ‘Pettiness’ Of kansas, The Future of Mizzou


Judged dispassionately, there’s no way they can be called anything but petty, bitter and childish. They seem, to us, blind to the rivalries that persist despite conference affiliation — in Georgia, in Florida, in South Carolina, in Iowa. We’re sad to see it end.

But we can’t lose sight what this is all about — what it’s always been about: Money.

We sold ourselves to the SEC on the promise of delivering two metro areas — Kansas City and St. Louis — and their television sets to America’s preeminent football conference.

Yet KC has always leaned in favor of the beaked, buckled bluebird. Their campus is closer to KC than ours. They have a university hospital in KC. We have half as many living alumni in KC as we have in St. Louis.

The “bitterness” and the “childishness” is about winning an economic turf battle in Kansas City.

Does that make canceling the MU-kU rivalry game worth it? No. It’s still petty.

But I can get my head around that. It’s the most comprehensible thing they’ve done in 119 years. If only they’d buy some new shoes…


One thought on “The ‘Pettiness’ Of kansas, The Future of Mizzou

  1. David says:

    If you divorce your wife of 100+ years so that you can marry someone prettier, she has no obligation to sleep with you, and she isn’t the petty one…

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