BruxBlog #9: “Are They Shouting In Dubai, Ted?”

Day Fifty-Tw0

Brussels Bureau, Reuters TV

5 July 2010

Okay, so this whole not-blogging thing has gone from awful to abysmal.  I promise to get back on the blogging train!  I’m making my Fourth of July Resolution: I will honor my country by blogging more regularly.

This is coming up to the time I expected to miss the lakes and the baseball games and the Coronas with lime on the roof of The Rose.

It’s true, I miss them, but I’m far from homesick —  I’m loving my work, the city (or cities), and the people. And even better, I found some numbers today that pretty much made this entire trip!

The good news has to be prefaced with a quick story, so I have to back up a bit — about a month acutally:

On June 3, a court justice and her clerk were gunned down in open court in Brussels. Awful story. She was two months from retirement age. Anyway, hundreds of lawyers and judges got together to hold an impromptu moment of silence at the Palais de Justice, and I was rushed out to cover it. I shot maybe 15 minutes of video, gave it to my producer/colleague, and left. I hadn’t revisited the story until today. This was all on June 3.

So today, another colleague was checking our “hits” — which broadcasters have picked up our video. Reuters has international clients, so when we’re shooting video, there’s a chance it can be sent to a television station anywhere in the world. Turns out… my video from the moment of silence… had one of the highest hit counts. Not the most hits, by far. But still a lot. Meaning: a whole bunch of people saw the video I shot!

We can track who picks up our video where, and my video was used a total of 318 times by 20 different stations across the world. They saw it in France, China, Britain, and South Korea. Another piece I helped shoot and write was picked up in Portgual, Taiwan, and the United Arab Emirates.

Not bad!  It’s a cool feeling to know your video is going all ove r the world, even if you’re not covering the hugest international events.

Anyway, again, I promise more frequent blogs. I just finished an assignment for class talking about the differences between Europe and the U.S., so look for that in an upcoming post.


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