BruxBlog #5: The Requisite Post-Week-One Update

My European Commission press pass!

Day Thirteen

28 May 2010

238 rue Gray

I have so many “We’re-not-in-Kansas-anymore-Toto” moments these days that they have started to seem commonplace.  They’re not culture-shock moments — they’re moments where I realize how cool the mess I’ve gotten myself into really is.

Take this morning.  9:15 a.m.  I’m strolling into Thomson Reuters and pass by the front desk.  It’s my third day on the job as an intern there.

“Good morning,” I say to the receptionist at the front desk.

“Kyle?” she replies.  “The World Bank called for you, I took their number and said you’d call them back.”

The World Bank.  No joke.  Only a press guy, but that’s okay.  The World Bank?  Seriously, calling for me?

Welcome to my world these days.  Three hours later, I’m shoving a camera in the face of a protester dressed as the World Bank’s president outside the bank’s Brussels office, his hands painted jet-black.

Now, I don’t want to overblow it.  It was a quirky protest, Reuters didn’t even pick up the story because it wasn’t big enough of a demonstration.

But I covered it.

Three days ago, my first day at Reuters, I was running around Brussels, getting my picture taken in EU buildings.  For a European Commission press pass.  I have it now — it says “Intern Journalist” on it, in French.

Yesterday, I opened my e-mail.  I found a message from my editor saying I’m going to Luxembourg in two weeks to help cover a summit of EU finance ministers.  Next month, I’ll be in town for a massive, massive Council meeting.  And if Greece falls into the Aegean Sea, I’ll be in the EU capital for the aftermath.  It’s a fascinating time to be in Brussels, working for a press agency.

Worry not.  For all these cool opportunities, I’m not letting my head get too big, especially this early on in the game.  I mean, I spilled my drink on my editor when she took me and Tyler (fellow Reuters intern, gentleman, scholar…) out after work on Wednesday.  It wasn’t a lot, but such a fumble tends to humble a low-level lackey really quickly.

My boss is teaching me quickly, with the utmost grace and professionalism, that I’ve got a lot still to learn.  She’s a great person, and she’s great to work with — as is the other on-staff producer.  I haven’t got a chance to meet the staff photogs yet — they’re ll off on assignment or on vacation after long assignments (in Cannes, and pre-World Cup).

More than I’m excited about what’s happened, I’m excited for what’s ahead.  I know what I sound like:  You’re excited that some press guy in the Brussels office of the World Bank called you back?  You’re excited for having covered a demonstration attended by almost as many press people as protesters?  Seriously? I’ll try and save up my “legitimate-starstruck” moments for the summits in June — there should be plenty for a political nut like me.

This weekend, I’m headed to Amsterdam!  Should be a great time.  Pictures from there, and from my first two weeks in Brussels, on the flipside.  Cheers.


3 thoughts on “BruxBlog #5: The Requisite Post-Week-One Update

  1. Mom says:

    So happy for you Kyle! It is a big deal!

  2. Gayl says:

    I realized it says Mom! It is Gayl, oops!

  3. M Bollman says:

    It is super that you are enthusiastic about this; who wouldn’t be? Awesome.

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