BruxBlog #1: Departure

I wonder what this gent sees out the window...

Day One

16 May 2010

Aboard Delta 1009, somewhere southeast of Rochester, Minn.

I forgot my camera.  Or at least I thought I did.  I decided that without even looking in my bag, I called my parents, Cassie even called her parents and offered to ship it to me international to 238 rue Gray, 1050 Bruxelles, Belgium.

Turns out it was in my bag the whole time.  I looked in my bag as I told Mom I was sure that it was back on my desk.  And thus ended irrational fears about things I had forgotten to pack.  It feels so great to be off the ground and on my way.  Finally.

I leave behind a wonderful family.  We ate dinner at Grandma Di & Grandpa Dave’s last night, played cards, trying to make up for the week at the cabin with them I’ll miss this summer.  Charlie came home and gave me a hug goodbye after his senior prom.

I leave behind worries about wardrobe.  Of all people, I was worried about what I was wearing.  Usually, I’m a go-with-it, T-shirt-and-jeans type of guy.  But so much about dressing like a Brusselier is quite literally foreign to me:  Wear jeans to work?  Really?… So what do I wear out?  What do I wear when I’m relaxing?  Too much unnecessary stress.  I’m going with the advice of my study abroad adviser:  When in doubt, overdress.  Done and done.

I leave behind the Twins.  I got out to a game before I left (they beat the White Sox), but now they’ve got a case of the Yankees in New York.  I’m worried in a way only a doting mother can be.  They’ll be here when I get back, but I’ll miss my first summer of warm nights under the Minnesota sky.  They can wait.  Brussels calls.

Okay, they’re about to serve me my complimentary ice cup with too little beverage.  Time to enjoy some How I Met Your Mother.  Atlanta, then Brussels, awaits.  I hope Eyjafjallajökull behaves so we can get to Belgium!

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