Lying In State: The Democrats’ Self-Imposed Paralysis

More hysteria from the D’s this week, following the announcement that another of the party’s old guard in the Senate, New Jersey Democrat Frank Lautenberg, has stomach lymphoma and is likely out of commission for the next few months. The announcement prompted more “woe-is-me” from the party with the biggest congressional foothold in a decade.

I’m officially over this. I’m over the accusations that the Republicans are the “party of no” — they haven’t had anything to say “No!” to as of yet! The Democrats have only accused the Republicans of being obstructionist (and I do believe the GOP has completely misunderstood the mandate of the minority party, but that’s another blog), but the ineffectiveness of the dithering Dem leadership hasn’t ever given the Repubs to ever PROVE that they’re obstructionist.

The Democrats control both houses of Congress and have the final vote they need in a willing and able Executive, and yet never have I felt that our era of partisanship has paralyzed our government more.

So what now? Dems, call the GOP’s bluff. Let’s see how all those filibusters go over in the press. And if the filibusters work, then by God, at least we’ll have gotten something done.


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