In The Eyes of The Tiger

The world stopped rotating on its axis at roughly 11:02 AM this morning, and we all awkwardly looked in the eyes of the Tiger as he placed his hand on his heart and asked for our forgiveness. No matter how heavy-handed his apology or how ham-handed his delivery, by all accounts we collectively bought it. And honestly, I bought it too.

But it doesn’t really matter. Tiger may have won today’s public relations battle, but he’s been losing the war since December.

The reason I say this is because, in his blurry eyes, I saw genuine contrition, but also resolution to stand by his principle and avoid answering questions about his affairs — a resolution that left him in this mess to start with: It was his lack of control of the story, caused by his insistence that he didn’t need to talk, in November and December that led to his falling out with corporate sponsors, fans, and his family.

If he really wants to own up to the things he did, a generic “I cheated, I’m sorry,” won’t cut it. Granted, he doesn’t owe us an explanation — but we don’t owe him complete redemption either.


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