The Avatar Effect (The Oscar Noms Are In!)

Avatar looks poised to win big at the Oscars, picking up nine nominations — including one of the ten Best Picture noms, and one for James Cameron for Best Director. The Iraq war drama The Hurt Locker also picked up nine nominations.

First off, if I’m a betting man, it’s hard to pick against Avatar. After winning the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture – Drama, the film’s all but a lock for the Best Picture nod. I won’t call it an official prediction yet (I’ll make those later — I haven’t seen all the nominees yet), but I would not be surprised if Avatar made a clean sweep of their nominations. This film looks, walks, and quacks like a Titanic, just as everyone wanted it to.

The biggest loser in this Titanic-like Avatar Effect is probably The Hurt Locker. Learn a lesson from Good Will Hunting, which went into the 1997 Oscars with (hmm…) nine nominations. You want to know how many statuettes the movie left with? Two. Why? Yep — Titanic. Good Will was pitted against Titanic in almost every category, and only in the categories where Titanic wasn’t nominated did it win.

Now, in fairness to Hurt Locker, I use the word “loser” here pretty loosely. The film was not really well-known and didn’t have a wide release. Picking up those nine nominations is NOT a testament to how weak a year this has been, but to how powerful it is. It’s easy to placate those films with a few easy nominations, maybe a Best Director nom, and call it a day. This film really earned all nine of its nominations.

A few surprises, which I’ll list for the sake of brevity:

Matt Damon, up for Best Supporting for Invictus, a role where he played a remarkable piece of furniture, but wasn’t really given much to do in the script…

The Blind Side getting a Best Picture nomination, so I guess I have to see it now — welcome to the age of 10 BP nom’s…

– BOTH Vera Farmiga and Anna Kendrick up for Best Supporting for Up in the Air — a film for which their co-star George Clooney has a good chance to pick up an Oscar for Best Actor…

Star Trek snubbed from the Best Picture nominee list — Wasn’t the whole idea of having ten nominees to get a summer blockbuster on the list???…

That’s all for now — predictions forthcoming! I have some films to watch…


One thought on “The Avatar Effect (The Oscar Noms Are In!)

  1. […] is as good as a coin-flip at this point anyway.  Still, by making this pick, I’m eating some earlier words.  Even if it doesn’t win, I could end up eating them anyway, given that some Avatar insiders […]

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